First of all, if you are seeing this page, then you are very special :-)  Most of you have already spent some time with us (it must have gone well!) and this is just a helpful little reminder of what we talked about.  Or, perhaps you are connected to one of our fabulous planner/designer friends and they gave you the special link.  Or, maybe your are just really lucky and found favor with the search gods at Google.  However you arrived, we are glad that you are here.  Please let us know if you have any questions about any of the pieces below.  We'll try to be as detailed as possible.


We make things very simple.  ALL of our 'packages' will include absolutely everything that we feel is essential.  Every package that you see below is one that we are extremely happy with - we have tested it for years and it allows us to give our ALL to EVERY couple. 


Your wedding will be really well covered by amazing artists that care. And the elements that you walk away with will be a worthy reflection of the time and attention and love that went into the day.  You will be proud to have us there - and proud to show off the amazing work when you get back from the honeymoon (maybe even sooner!).  

We have arranged everything to be on the level that we would offer our closest friends - because after all, we hope that you feel that from us the whole way through.  We are going to spend a lot of time together! :-)

*seasons, packages, date and a hundred other factors affect pricing - but this is a good place to start the discussion as we try to find YOUR PERFECT FIT

*all prices are subject to Tennessee sales tax