Everyone knows that an amazing video can move an audience to care, can encourage a group of volunteers to keep striving toward the goal, can unite a community around a cause. 


So why don't we see more of it? 




That's why we have created the

Heartbeat Film Project.




 Wolf River Conservancy

Wolf River Conservancy

First of all, let us say thank you for what you do. Thank you for your tireless efforts on behalf of those in our city who are broken and in need. You are the ones serving our city and you are the heroes that truly make a difference in our world. 

Having worked in and with many groups in Memphis there are two things that we know for sure.  

One, there are amazing stories that go untold each and every day. Stories that deserve to be celebrated. Stories that, if told well, would  cause others to join in the effort and encourage those already involved.

And two, we know that you are good stewards with the finances trusted to you and that creative film-making is low on your list of priorities. 


 Behind-The-Scenes at Lausanne

Behind-The-Scenes at Lausanne


We are a team of artists who love telling amazing stories that matter.  Kinda simple. 

Since 2001 Creation Studios has been connecting with people through creative film-making.  We absolutely LOVE IT when we are able to help people who are passionate about what they do.  It is our honor and our calling to help them convey that passion into meaningful video and short films. 



The fact is, if you are not sharing the powerful stories about what you do in your organization, then the world is completely missing the opportunity to join you in your mission.

  • the changed lives
  • the hearts that are restored
  • the power of love to heal
  • the impact of donations
  • real stories of real people

There is a calling on your life and the watching world will be moved, if only they might catch a glimpse.

We don't mean to be overly dramatic - but we have seen it.  The human heart is drawn to story.  It is in our spiritual DNA.  We long to be moved to action, to be called to care.  Video can help you do that.

The only problem is, to rise above mediocrity, to actually be worth doing - it takes time,  finesse, and... money.



You need video (well done video!)

We make video (we think it's pretty awesome)

Let's figure this out.

The Heartbeat Film Project is our solution to what we see as a growing need in our community. 

A bunch of non-profit organizations and churches with a heart full of love and service (THAT'S YOU!) join together to create enough buying power to convince an award-winning video production company (THAT'S US!) that it would be a good idea to dramatically reduce the cost of great video.  Sounds like a great idea!!



  • 24 shares (limited to maintain quality) are opened up to churches and non-profits
  • A share means that you get 4 amazing video projects EVERY YEAR
  • 1 per quarter
    • on a schedule
    • frequent enough to keep content fresh
    • trains you to look for more stories
    • trains US to create WITH you
  • These aren't just little slideshows with music - you have our full creative energy on this!
  • A small monthly fee to be a member. 
    • We have three levels that will fit just about any group's ambition/budget

We have had a great response so far (and this page isn't even open to the public!). You are seeing this because someone out there referred you - you must be pretty awesome!


If you are interested in hearing a little more about how it might work for you then please let us know.  If it isn't for you, but perhaps you know someone - please feel free to forward to them.



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