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commercial photography-videography-film-memphis

We offer complete creative development for companies who want to say something meaningful to their clients

Photography • Videography • Film • Design




You are asking the world to trust you, to believe in you, to embrace your vision.  Having the right image is critical.  You all know this, yet so many businesses settle for easy, stale mediocrity.  Use this as an opportunity to communicate something more.

We can help you get there.

List of Photography Services

  • Product Photography
    • stylized or studio-perfect
  • Team Head Shots
    • on-location or in-studio
  • Executive Study
    • make a statement
  • Location Editorial
    • architectural, product, beauty, art
  • Event Photography
    • grand-openings, events, photo-booth

This doesn't have to be complicated.  We would love the chance to get to know you and perhaps see if our unique approach to the corporate world is a good fit for you. 

lp memphis-014-DSC_3639.jpg

Videography + Film

Videography + Film

Not all of our clients need film, some just need a simple video. But, we believe that our clients have something important to say, and we are going to find the best way to help the world understand.
— Matt Taylor, director

C O R P O R A T E   F I L M

Special things happen when organizations discover

the power in the heart of their message

The Real Me {Behind the Scenes}

A look at what it takes to create a film that captures the heart of an organization.

The Real Me {Lausanne Collegiate School, Memphis TN}

To find the true heartbeat of an organization we must be invited behind the walls.  As the students and faculty of Lausanne shared their hearts with us one thing was clear - they loved their school.  An important road was taken when decided to ask them (all of them - littles, middles, and uppers) to write essays about what their school meant to them.  These lines became the words that you hear in the film. 

We LOVE working with clients that trust our vision and let us run with a project! Special thanks to the awesome folks at Lausanne for inviting us in and letting us tell their story.

What would your company or organization film be like?  Who knows?!  We certainly don't expect you to know.  The only next step is to invite us in, behind the curtain, and allow us the freedom to find what makes you and your group so special.  The only thing I can guarantee is that the watching world is waiting for your authentic message.



Carson Rodizio Kickstarter Campaign Video

Blake has an amazing product that he is bringing to market and he needed a way to tell his story. 

Check out the product here

10 years of Pike university // pi kappa alphs

PIKE asked us to help them convey a simple message to its audience of alumni and students - 10 years of tremendous success.

Music, animation, studio interviews : creation studios

Whatever your project-  Whoever your audience-  We would love to help you craft a message that ring true to both you and to them. 

If you would like to take the next step and see if our unique brand of storytelling is a good fit for your organization then let us know.