Team Creatives - January

Creation Studios Team is taking on a HUGE project - Each of us are spending time each month creating something for the sake of creating.

These aren't for clients or ongoing projects, but for our own growth. Allowing ourselves full creative freedom and the chance to try something new. 

Take a look!!!


In January, Donny was able to find some time (in the craziness of studio work) to focus on sketching a glass bowl of apples. Stay tuned for the final product!


Peter was driving home from a downtown Memphis photoshoot at 2am when he looked out and saw the lights and smoke coming off the plant that looked really cool. He set up on the entrance ramp and took 5 frames, but wound up only using one for this shot. 


It took most of the month for Spencer to come up with something creative. It had to be the right day with the right clients and feel inspired as something worth doing as a first creative project.

Check out Selfie Stop Motion: A Day in the Life


Brad took a trip downtown, racked some focus, and layered it up.


Cinemagraphs are a combination of photography and videography. A still image is used as the focus, which video gives movement around the subject. Take a look:


Jacob creatively shared a way he is creative - by filming his process of painting a cosmic painting. Take a look at his process: