What happens when a company gives us creative freedom? 

It wins a TELLY!

When a corporation has a clear image for who they are, what they stand for, and the pillars of their business, it's actually pretty easy to take those ideas and put the vision to work.

The key is found in creating a story that tells the world WHY you do what you - we know WHAT you do.  Why should we care?!

Why is that important?

Our first goal is always to help you understand this piece of the DNA of your business.  We ask questions and find the side-roads to the REAL heart of why you do what you do.  Who is the team behind the service or product?  Why should the audience trust you?  

Then, we set our minds to crafting a way to bring the audience along for the ride.

Highbar Trading Co.

Highbar is one of those companies that does things well at every level and we are so lucky to be able to help them craft their brand message.  We met with them, asked a ton of questions, and they gave us the keys.  From there, they let us drive the whole way.  Good job, guys!  

We are proud to have been a part of this award-winning Corporate Brand Image video. Our Film Director, Matt Taylor, has done it again. And the Telly Award Committee agrees!

A Telly Award...

... IS something to be proud of. With over 13,000 entries, the Highbar Trading Co. vision video was chosen as the winner of Corporate Brand Image video. Wow! 

Congratulations to Matt, the Creation Studios team, and Highbar Trading Co.! 


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