{Cinemagraphs by Creation Studios}

What is a "Cinemagraph"?

A Cinemagraph is simply defined as a moving picture (a GIF). But there is much more to a Cinemagraph than simply a moving picture. These new forms of art are meant to grab attention through "less-than-obvious" movement. 

The eye is attracted to subtle movement in pictures when we may not be actively looking for movement. Our minds actually tune out still photo ads due to a recent social media phenomenon called "Ad Fatigue."

A Cinemagraph is a new take on the standard photo vs. video question made largely possible by social medias new features like auto-play. You may have been annoyed by the auto-play feature of FaceBook videos recently, which is where the photo-aspect of a Cinemagraph steps in to help. It's less material for viewers minds to absorb, but when executed properly, a Cinemagraph can tell just as much of a story.

Want some facts? 

Cinemagraphs vs. Still photos on FaceBook produce up to 85% more engagements 

Because of the higher engagement of social media/internet ads, there is often a 45% avg. decrease in Cost per Click

How is it done?

We can't tell you all our secrets! But here is the basic idea:

Step 1: The artists at Creation Studios get to know you and your business and storyboard ideas that will subtly and successfully represent different aspects of your business. Here's one of Spencer's beautiful sketches:


Step 2: After we have a plan, we set up and shoot. 

Step 3:  We work some magic with some different softwares to create the final product in high-quality video format which can be posted to social media, websites, attached in emails, or used in ads (Netflix is notorious for all of these!)


Here's the final result:


We'd love to talk to you more about how your company can use Cinemagraphs, so let's get in touch!