"PROMISES" {The rainbow and crosses photo}

We have had so many requests for a printed copy of this image of the double-rainbow and crosses.  But, we are so blessed by the image, ourselves - with the timing and under what circumstances it happened - that we didn't want to just 'sell' it.  

We are now excited to be able to offer it in a way that gives back to the Memphis community in a fantastic way!  

 "PROMISES" ©Donny Granger

"PROMISES" ©Donny Granger


ARISE2Read is a partnership among the evangelical churches of Memphis and Shelby County Schools to strengthen our second-grade students academically and spiritually. 

ARISE2Read desires to take an active role in the development of children in our public schools through the presence of volunteers trained in the Shelby County School approved program Team Read. ARISE2Read’s desire is that all children are reading on grade-level by the time they reach the third-grade.

We are honored to be able to share proceeds from the sale of this image with an amazing program making a real difference in lives of so many kids in our community.  Thank you for your help!  


Steps to purchase:

1) Click the link "To Order a Print" above

2) Click "Open" to see the gallery

3) Select the "Promises" image

4) In the top right corner, you will see a yellow button "Buy" with several different options!

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