Art is Broad

We love being a part of such an exciting part of the Memphis arts community.  Broad Ave is a small street in the heart of the city lined with shops and galleries full of people who love celebrating local artists, great food, great music, and who just love to have fun!  

Twice a year Broad invites all of Memphis to join us for the Broad Ave Art Walk.  This year, the Creation Studios team decided to put together a little project to capture the spirit of event.

We started with a blank canvas that simply said, "Art Is..."  Then we asked attendees to fill in the blank.

We were shocked at how diverse and interesting the response was.  

I discover a new insight each time I spend time looking at the finished piece.  My favorite -- try to find the word that appears most often.  I love it!

Art Is Broad: The Video

Special thanks to our friends and ArtWalk sponsor, Community Mortgage - they are such a strong supporter to the Memphis community - And to the shop owners on Broad along with our friends at Lausanne - thanks for your help in bringing this to life.

 Art is Broad - Broad Ave - Memphis TN

Art is Broad - Broad Ave - Memphis TN

If you'd like to have a matted copy of you own (16x22 - $45) just let us know.  Proceeds will go to the Broad Ave Arts District, and next year will be even bigger and better!