Team Creatives - February

Donny - Inspired while downtown when he looked up and saw 2 kings next to each other:

king and king-1.jpg

Peter - found some time to compose a little riff for your enjoyment:

Spencer - created a 3D photo/gif of a Cherry Tree (maybe?) using an app called fyuse :

Jacob - became a giant.


Team Creatives - January

Creation Studios Team is taking on a HUGE project - Each of us are spending time each month creating something for the sake of creating.

These aren't for clients or ongoing projects, but for our own growth. Allowing ourselves full creative freedom and the chance to try something new. 

Take a look!!!


In January, Donny was able to find some time (in the craziness of studio work) to focus on sketching a glass bowl of apples. Stay tuned for the final product!


Peter was driving home from a downtown Memphis photoshoot at 2am when he looked out and saw the lights and smoke coming off the plant that looked really cool. He set up on the entrance ramp and took 5 frames, but wound up only using one for this shot. 


It took most of the month for Spencer to come up with something creative. It had to be the right day with the right clients and feel inspired as something worth doing as a first creative project.

Check out Selfie Stop Motion: A Day in the Life


Brad took a trip downtown, racked some focus, and layered it up.


Cinemagraphs are a combination of photography and videography. A still image is used as the focus, which video gives movement around the subject. Take a look:


Jacob creatively shared a way he is creative - by filming his process of painting a cosmic painting. Take a look at his process:

Watch Goose Grow!

Our studio is located right across the street from Hollywood Feed on Broad Ave.

Naturally, this means there are lots of adorable dogs in the area - the newest member of this group - Goose! 

Check back for weekly updates on his growth! 

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Okay, so after 6 weeks, Goose has grown quite a bit!  We are having a blast photographing him (and Scruggs).  This little guy is a ton of energy and obviously very smart (he knows SIT and SHAKE and is working on STAY!)  Best part of our Mondays!  

Architecture Study {Chickasaw Gardens, Memphis}

Peter spent time earlier this month at a beautiful home in the Chickasaw Gardens neighborhood. While the owner has made several renovations and additions to the house, the exposed wooden beams and stone-work express a history of the home within Memphis' iconic neighborhood.

We are pleased to share this home architecture study with you.

Front Façade

Exterior Façade 


Master Bedroom

Living Room

Exterior Windows

Pool Deck

Paradox Tasting Event

Last week, we had the pleasure of spending the evening with our friends at Paradox Catering. This amazing group of chefs, lead by Chef Jimmy Gentry, are bringing unique & beautiful dishes to their friends, fans, & clients at Weddings, Paradox Underground, Cafe Brooks by Paradox and (most recently) Izakaya Memphis!

We were joined by White Door Events, Memphis Bar Ties, Tiger City Entertainment, Message In a Bottle, Salt Style & Events, Guardian Concierge, & Pixies Photo Booth at Brooks Museum of Memphis!

So glad we were able to be a part of this! Check out the full gallery here:

Private Residence - Memphis Architecture

Memphis Residential Architectural Photography: Peter Conrey.

Gorgeous stone exterior with arch top front door.

The kitchen features a large island sink, wooden counter tops including a raised butcher block cabinet top, antique stylized oven, and built-in breakfast banquette.

The modern pendant drop lanterns light the way to a spacious pantry with additional ovens, storage, and refrigerators.

A butler's pantry sits nestled adjacent to the formal dining room. 

While not as esoteric as Elvis' Jungle Room, the family's blue room boasts an eclectic style reminiscent of the King's favorite getaway space.

Flanked by a rare collection of photographs of Martin Luther King (left) and Elvis (right), these stairs lead up to a beautiful hardwood office space, or down to a relaxing bar and wine cellar.

A very peaceful and relaxing place to work.

The veranda features several amenities worthy of a grand backyard party, including a wood-burning fireplace, stone pizza oven, and outdoor kitchen area with a Big Green Egg.

This hardwood tub serves and the visual centerpiece of the master retreat. While I didn't confirm with the homeowner, I'm pretty certain the tub is Brazilian Walnut (Ipe). 

The beauty of this home comes from a combination of work from architect Carson Looney at LRK and designer Ann Parker at Parker Design Studio

I hope you enjoyed the tour! If you have and amazing, fun, beautiful space you would love to have photographed, please let us know.


Whitestone Baptist Church {MLK Day of Service}

We didn't do this because it was Black history month. We didn't do this because of a personal connection to this neighborhood. We did do it (just a little bit) because it was a cool way to give back to Memphis - and we, of course, like doing that sort of thing. 

The main reason we did this was because I met pastor Roger Brown last October on a photoshoot for American Cancer Society.  As I got to know him, I couldn’t help but catch a glimpse of the passion, love and energy that he had for his community.  

I knew that I wanted to help him.

These days, Memphis is all about campaigns and opportunities to serve the community, ways to lift Memphis to new heights.  All of these things are fantastic and are doing very positive for Memphis. But, none of them work without amazing people who care a great deal about the cause and are champions of that cause everywhere they go.

Pastor Brown and James Nelson, the newly hired director of The Stone Community Development Corp., have decided that they are going to redeem their little part of Memphis located just west of Soulsville - it serves as the gateway from the south part of downtown into the rest of Soulsville and South Memphis.  They know that they can't change the entire city but they can definitely make a huge impact on their sphere of influence. Whitestone Baptist Church has been on the street, in this community for 100 years and has only had four pastors before Pastor Brown.  They obviously have a long line of caring leaders - through a long and crazy history. The people of this church love their city, love their little neighborhood, and love the people that call it home.

The zeal for change that I felt when I was around them was contagious. It was so strong that FedEx, Lehman Roberts, and Servicemaster all decided to join in on the fun. A great beginning was accomplished and we are excited to be a small part of telling their story.

There are some amazing people and companies in Memphis who have the resources to make a difference. And the moral of this story is that the difference they make can be profound. 

We are just now at stage-one of the multi year project. Can’t wait to see where this goes!

"PROMISES" {The rainbow and crosses photo}

The "rainbow-crosses" photo is now available for purchase and it's supporting an amazing cause!

We have had so many requests for a printed copy of this image of the double-rainbow and crosses.  But, we are so blessed by the image, ourselves - with the timing and under what circumstances it happened - that we didn't want to just 'sell' it.  

We are now excited to be able to offer it in a way that gives back to the Memphis community in a fantastic way!  

Read More

{Cinemagraphs by Creation Studios}

What is a "Cinemagraph"?

A Cinemagraph is simply defined as a moving picture (a GIF). But there is much more to a Cinemagraph than simply a moving picture. These new forms of art are meant to grab attention through "less-than-obvious" movement. 

The eye is attracted to subtle movement in pictures when we may not be actively looking for movement. Our minds actually tune out still photo ads due to a recent social media phenomenon called "Ad Fatigue."

A Cinemagraph is a new take on the standard photo vs. video question made largely possible by social medias new features like auto-play. You may have been annoyed by the auto-play feature of FaceBook videos recently, which is where the photo-aspect of a Cinemagraph steps in to help. It's less material for viewers minds to absorb, but when executed properly, a Cinemagraph can tell just as much of a story.

Want some facts? 

Cinemagraphs vs. Still photos on FaceBook produce up to 85% more engagements 

Because of the higher engagement of social media/internet ads, there is often a 45% avg. decrease in Cost per Click

How is it done?

We can't tell you all our secrets! But here is the basic idea:

Step 1: The artists at Creation Studios get to know you and your business and storyboard ideas that will subtly and successfully represent different aspects of your business. Here's one of Spencer's beautiful sketches:


Step 2: After we have a plan, we set up and shoot. 

Step 3:  We work some magic with some different softwares to create the final product in high-quality video format which can be posted to social media, websites, attached in emails, or used in ads (Netflix is notorious for all of these!)


Here's the final result:


We'd love to talk to you more about how your company can use Cinemagraphs, so let's get in touch!



Well, it's one for the money,
Two for the show,
Three to get ready,
Now go, cat, go.

In honor of the King's 82nd birthday, we wanted to share some rockin' images from our Fine Art - Memphis Collection! 

nexAir, llc

We get the chance to see some pretty amazing things. One major project for Memphis is the Crosstown Concourse renovations. nexAir, llc is letting us follow their process of creating their new headquarters through photography, film and 3D Virtual Reality.

We will have progress updates for nexAir, llc coming soon as the renovations continue!

St. Jude: Memphis Architectural Photography

We are always so happy to show off the great things about Memphis.  One of the best things about it is that we are home to one of the brightest lights of hope and healing on the entire planet, St. Jude Hospital.  On this project, commissioned by Prestress Services, we are focusing on the parking structure - but with a place like St. Jude, even that should look amazing.  

Thanks for letting us help you tell your story, Prestress Services

st jude parking garage

We love working with all of our various types of clients, but architectural photography is a really fun and rewarding challenge.  

st jude parking

New York Engagement Session {w Jennifer and David}

It's not every day that we get flown off to New York for a photo session with our couples.  But, when we do, we make the most of it!  Man, from the first slice of pizza, to the Uber's and cab rides, and to all of the places that we have seen in the movies - we had an amazing time on this little trip.

Memphis is amazing for photography, but we are always down for a little field-trip.

Here are few of our faves from the CITY.

It was just a little bit cold when we were there, but you can't tell that one bit by looking at the warmth between Jennifer and David.  We are so excited to share these with the world!! Can't wait for the wedding!!

And we even got a shot with Time-Square Elmo!  (then he took his head off and asked for two bucks! LOL)

Art is Broad

We love being a part of such an exciting part of the Memphis arts community.  Broad Ave is a small street in the heart of the city lined with shops and galleries full of people who love celebrating local artists, great food, great music, and who just love to have fun!  

Twice a year Broad invites all of Memphis to join us for the Broad Ave Art Walk.  This year, the Creation Studios team decided to put together a little project to capture the spirit of event.

We started with a blank canvas that simply said, "Art Is..."  Then we asked attendees to fill in the blank.

We were shocked at how diverse and interesting the response was.  

I discover a new insight each time I spend time looking at the finished piece.  My favorite -- try to find the word that appears most often.  I love it!

Art Is Broad: The Video

Special thanks to our friends and ArtWalk sponsor, Community Mortgage - they are such a strong supporter to the Memphis community - And to the shop owners on Broad along with our friends at Lausanne - thanks for your help in bringing this to life.

 Art is Broad - Broad Ave - Memphis TN

Art is Broad - Broad Ave - Memphis TN

If you'd like to have a matted copy of you own (16x22 - $45) just let us know.  Proceeds will go to the Broad Ave Arts District, and next year will be even bigger and better!